Like a lion turned lamb; like an eagle turned pigeon
E no dey lie or give us lamba; We call him big papa in pidgin
From afar he opened the doors; now he's near doing the same he does
Alpha no far but very close, opening doors no man can close
Lion, lamb pigeon/dove together photo ideas
And the Word made FLESH came with freedom so FRESH
The UNDERSTANDING of this word stopped us from STANDING UNDER
Not SITTING OVER Jericho walls but OVER SITTING with Christ in heaven 
Sitted with Christ in HEAVENLY PLACES; declaring only using HEAVENLY PHRASES
You set my FEET on the ROCK now I'm FIT and ROCKING 
My prayers no dey sit-down for bench; e dey score goals for pitch
All the preyers don dey quench; wan ti gba penalty wọ ditch
All my players don relaunch; we dey net goals without a glitch
I don SO WAIT OH for SOWETO yet POLAND POLISH no make me shine
I KNOW WAY till I reach NORWAY; common sense NO WEIGH as e jam this "NO WAY"
Like FISH wey no get FIN for FINLAND; e come be like wahala no dey FINISH
Untill I marry JESUS my Geez SOURCE; my real Gee - too much SAUCE, NO ISH
God the FATHER, SON and SPIRIT; na my name COME FOURTH
Thank you for your love, grace, mercy and COMFORT 
As I don marry MY REAL KELE, I no fit fall for MIRY CLAY
Nothing as good as God's TIMING; to spice it, He brings the THYME IN

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