THE CALLING - since Christ show for my true caller

Once upon a TIME when my phone be no get NETWORK 
Na the devil thief my THYME, begin falsify my NET WORTH
I know God no dey MISS CALL, I know sey Him dey always PICK ALL
Even if na Baba call me sef; how me wan take PICK CALL
lady in chains drawn into a mobile phone
Based on devil thief my SIM, God went the extra mile to reach me.
And Since when Christ show for my TRUECALLER, he comot my cloth's FALSE COLLAR
TIE and DIE no gree me see TRUE COLOUR; till Christ died and stopped the chameleon 
Since Christ became my life background COLOUR, my beauty show well like FINE ART
The Sin chain reaction's broken; Christ made the WIN - dusted and DONE
Now, unknown call wey no be God; I throw in dust-BIN like a DON
I no call my self - na Christ call me; If not, I for pick BEANs wey no dey gree DON
I no follow go the Gethsemane but go follow pray in SCENE till DAWN

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