Make I brainjotter you the divine kappings from above the clouds 
The gunman come earth to razlaloot, kpaikpai and press Control-delete
But Bros Jay kilometre himself come this Amalina to press Control-save
Just to dissolve him blood, transplant him heart and remit life enter you wotowoto 
Nails, cross, crown and hammer
Na him be the light wey lap my hood to dissolve that same darkness wey dey brew with men skull
Bros Jay! Rugged you; In less than a WEEK you enter grave go WEAK death for him realm OH
Now With the Holyghost in me; I dey ghostmode; evil no fit see me
I said ghostmode not flightmode; not offline - spiritually online
Shebi na agbako winchman Wan wear me bandana for headpan
Before Mathias wako me agboko, Jesu! you made the MATTER YOURS; 
You burst the kind kasala wey pass palava for the wahala wey dey open JAWS
Sotey this darkness wey Wan chew my bones like cream crackers gbes tuama

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