MOGBONA FELIFELI - Holyghost hotter than hell

Dem find potopoto for my POLO sotey their eyes get APOLO

Even their zaddy no fit shake my LEG; laslas na dem go BEG

Coz Bustop no exist when I boss-up to top-up; as I popup, I dey burst top

God bless me without stress; Joy caress me - I dey flex
Man with love shape on his heart oozing out firy lrays of light

CHUKWU CHOOK me A FIRE you can't TASTE and not be a TESTIFIER

Now MOGBONA FELIFELI; their ACs no dey gree COOL me

As dem wan hide my destiny inside KOLO, God chike their head till dem KOLO

God get plagues pass that EGYPTIAN COLLECTION; who form PHARAOH for me go COLLECT


Shebi as this life don too get CRAZE; like King David me sef carry PRAISE 

God blessings too much - Methuselah CONFIRM AM; My Book of NUMBERS dey HARVEST dey COUNT like sey na only me COME FARM AM

Sweetness rush me like King SOLOMON sotey my Book of ROMANCE dey MOAN

I be the DON-DADA wey pass Samson; no Delilah go cut the DADA of this DON

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