It's not about HOW FAR; not all about HOW MEGA
As long as you got the God called ALPHA; and OMEGA
You're meant to burn brighter than the endpoint of a CIGAR 
connected than a WIFI; bridging gaps like Julius BERGER
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JIREH no go let you SUFFER; he never made you a BEGGER
Sey Your testimony still dey BUFFER; no mean shoulder no go still BUGA
Challenges beefing you SO FAR; you go chop Dem like BURGER 
And spread well on top the SOPHA; based on you don turn ALAGA
No be sey na rocket science; na just for God to pull the TRIGGER 
And your Holyghost speed go pass bullet; forward ever BIGGER
The difference go too clear once na God handle the DIGGER 
You go JIGGY pass JIGAWA if you let God handle the JIGGER 
God no dey run out of grace the way money dey finish for PAGA
Your RAGGAE no go reduce to BLUES; na from RAGGAE to RAGGA
Your barrels no go make NOISE but make NEWS wey dey trend like SAGA
Devil na oga lie-lie wey dey turn men to MUGU but you no go follow for the MAGA
Exercising my Spirit and Soul with the WORD; no be YOGA
Lion wey wan try block me, na to tear am like sey samson power tear TIGER
JAGAJAGA throw me DAGGER; the way I dodge am sweet me like SUGAR
God's love making me GAGA; now Holyghost drunk no be LAGA
God made me a Fisher of men; no be AGAR - no be BOGGER
I am not just interested in the small catches as I no be COUGAR 
I go after big souls too; reconciling them to the FATHER makes me EAGER
To change their life story to glory to Glory from MEAGER 

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