BLOW YOU ALL DAY (dirty poetry)

#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny
The way you calling me daddy like I'm your parental guardian
I'm like the moon; I can make you howl tonight and moan
I am your greatest FAN and my job is to BLOW you 
You sweeter than icing; I'mma blow you out like birthday cake candles
Artist Salaam Muhammad at Gallerie 909 ; BY FRANK DROUZAS, Staff Writer ST. PETERSBURG — In the upcoming exhibit “She Is Music,” (#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny)

MY LADY with the MELODY of musical notes
My BRIDE my PRIDE; come chop my dollar notes
Craving your perfect carvings, smooth edges and curves
God's perfect work of art; got me enchanted in love's cuffs
Blown away like ASH na your a*s I wan BASH
I don dey save the CASH and na you I wan DASH
I love this pu**y EARSH whey you just dey FLASH
Wanna deep f**k your GASH; fast, furious and HARSH
Meeting you wasn't MAN-MADE; money couldn't BUY YOU 
Freaky prettier than a MERMAID; I just wanna be BAYOU
God-made to be MY MAID; as my network,  no one fit BAR YOU
Wanna make my ARM AID your dreams as I stand BY YOU
#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny

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