When I bambam e dey balm gan; coz I bambam with God my baba
I dey Tilapia with the Holy ghost in the Ocean of the Spirit
Standing on the WORD as my high heels; tall in the crowd - in short, the hot shot
No time to mètètẹ̀; I pray in tongues and knackana my shots
praying woman
Me no need any kala - but my tongues na bullet - rata-tata
And baba mi o diẹ kala - answers me; no kata-kata
The wahala wey be dey halla; as God Holla, wahala scatter pátá-pátá
Goliath wey wan chop me like ẹja pánlá, don finally fall yakata
Once I Tanana my papa, e no dey enter voice mail
Papa wey no dey miss call, papa whey dey pick all
So I dey pray without CEASING; without SEASON all the TIME
I still dey pray without SEASONING after using up all the THYME 

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