As per Omo ologo my logo dey inside rhema not the logos
Sey me and God dey yarn no be past tense; but continuous tense on the go
Me and God no dey use 2GO; our chat is current and good to go
My penalty no dey go throwing; WHAT'S UP na goal-goal
man kneeling in the desert praying to God
When this SPIRIT dey yarn, Omo, no vertical cappings
E never lying Muhammad give me, He dey do wetin he talk
I call him the King of doings whey no dey whine person nipple 
He no dey leave me kneel down go until my kneel pull
No be Tori wey happen now; this one don happen ever SINCE
How the Lord Jesus Christ bore on his shoulders all our SINS
Never in the history of wow was grace this amazing ever SEEN
Holy Ghost narrate am give me, still explained every SCENE
How Satan bruised Christ's heels thinking he was a God with HERCULES HEELS; 
But Death's WORLD took to its HEELS coz Christ is the God sent WORD that HEALS
My songs and HYMN na for HIM; His WORD healed my WORLD - I'm HIS
I own GRACE KEYS like I were LUCK KISSED; so if Serpent lie give me, I go just HISS
Truth is: He knows who are His, WHO'S I AM; I AM THAT I AM 
I  know WHO I AM,  WHOSE I AM; I am like I AM no be YAM
Circumstance may say otherwise but I am who I AM says I am
The OVERWISE WORLD says otherwise but I am who the WORD says I am
The transformation like a REAL PORT starts from believing God's REPORT
Rather than a casting down in life's SORE POT, I see a lifting on God's SUPPORT 
As a king, I REIGN in high PLANES and low PLAINS, As a priest, god is my RANE
My prophecies REIGN like showers of RAIN or Holyghost FIRE like Elijah-doings AGAIN 

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