I can be THIS COOL when I move like a DISCO; but no go gree life play me like floppy DISC OH
I got God in my GENE not just stretching the multiplication rod in my JEAN
But sets me on fire like I'm JIN; his riches of glory pay pass GENIE
Too much juice like a GEAN; standing with the MOST HIGH - no be dry GIN
man holding two masks
Like a kid from the GHETTO wey no dey GET OH, GRACE controls where I GET TO
Just like A.B.C I break the lurking CHAINS; so like A.P.C I make the fucking CHANGE 
Knock you out with THYME - I'm that ENTICING; knock you down on TIME I'm MIKE TYSON 
Dem wan dey whine me like who wear colour WINE; forget sey God's PALM made me the new WINE
Me sef dey face am lowkey, I no just disturb you ni
If you too LOSE GUARD like kpomo wey dey BEND; dem go chop you like kpomo in the END
So Once I sight the slightest SEE FINISH, your seeing me don FINISH
Tower of Babel in FINLAND; money sef go dey speak FINISH
No man is good by chance; good morals isn't the soul's default DANCE 
Virtue is LEARNED; to be called virtuous is EARNED
Good friends Compliment for you wetin you never fit COMPLETE FINISH
But if na circle of bad friends surround you, omo, you are FINISHED 

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