TIME flies over us leaving behind its SHADOW; no let am cover your THYME though
Instead of to dey waste TIME, no forget sey CURRY sef na SPICE
I breathe in free AIRTIME per seconds; I don't live on CREDITS
My good works is a lifestyle, I don't care who gets the CREDITS
Time is Combination object with letter time and hidden figure in I, that blend smoothly and bring more live on letter.
If who suppose complete you start to dey compete you; e be like fish wey dey swim with fin ish
Once you too fine, dem go look you finish till e reach see finish
Once you too sweet dem go lick you finish or choke you till you leak finish
Dem go oversit listen to you finish but no still understand like sey you speak finnish
No matter the speed of your car, another car still dey your front
But no be hate vigour go turn into the eight figure wey fit increase your font
Rather than prey on disgrace to chop who dey front like ketchup
Stop the envy and Pray for this grace wey go make you catchup

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