I dey try package too like A BALLER; but dem strange eyes keep seeing EBOLA
As evidence no gree roll with me like A TYRE, I don too explain sotey I TIRE
Despite all the "looking so FLY ATTIRE", I barely survive like a FLAT TIRE
Rode through the JUNGLE and HIGHWAY not on a JAGUAR but on God's GRACE
Blur Photos, rainbow colours siluets of dancing people by Bill Durgin
Blood drained by sin; colour liveless - omo, I was FINISHED
Christ my blood donor came to scene; to fish me out despite my FIN ISH
Tower of Babel choke me for FINLAND; yet he understood my tongues in FINISH
He always sights the slightest SEE FINISH, yet him seeing me no still gree FINISH
God's voice came to CALL ALL but na those wey pick fit get the TRUE CALLER COLOUR
Life's PERFECT SHUN unto my SINS; he brought PERFECTION into the SCENE 
When Life knack me a DIRECT SHUN; he give my WAKA a DIRECTION
My WAKA WAKA SOUL for see DEFEAT; if to sey Jesus SOLE no WAKA lead THE FEET
From COLOUR RIOT to RAINBOW; God's coat of many COLOURS his ARC
From COLOUR FOOL to COLOURFUL; I am God's work of ART
From a BEAUTY FOOL to BEAUTIFUL; a masterpiece from God's HEART
From a GREAT FOOL to being GRATEFUL; High praise fills my Book of ACTS 

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