Baba Put oil pogide for my headquarter; I sey ororo dey my headpan
I be the SHEEP inside God SHIP called the G.O.A.T; My spiritual biebie mature - no be GOATEE
Me and you know sey talk always dey for this my talking drum
So When I para you go feel the paradise;  no be just paracetamol 
shining love in the middle of plenty dull love shaped hearts
I no be chameleon wey dey cross carpet but since I jam Jesus cross, my colour change
This my true colour fit turn rain coat to Coat of many COLOURS; wey no dey RIOT but is as PEACEFUL as the RAINBOW
From that cross wey Jesus DIE, blood flow reach me do me like tie and DIE
I say the finesse PURE like coat of many colours; the covenant SURE like RAINBOW in sky
I no be Monkey wey smoke marijuana forget banana; that one na bandana monkey
So, Parrot wey wan chop my carrot; Baba no let am join my chariot
Dem wan jazz my gbedu; wan use their REGGAE spoil my BLUES 
But baba play dem major tape wey dem no go fit to dance
Dem be wan push my GLO out of SERVICE but I still GO church service dey GLOW
My light dey shine without NEPA sotey dem don dey investicate my SOURCE
Fruity life like too much JUICE; dem never still understand my SAUCE
My love shines like a GLOBE to every part of the world's GLOBE

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