Dem say the right man is a husband that makes more money than the wife can spend without BREACH
And that the right lady is a wife that finds such a husband without a SAPA GLITCH
If Money talks in figures; then EIGHT seems RICH enough to lock out the HATE SPEECH out of REACH
Makes HUSSEIN BOLT remain the king on TRACK as long as he doesn't RUN out of money; else WIFE's WIFI fit SWITCH to BITCH
Money tree phone wallpaper
Make I RELAY THIS to dem REAL LADIES; no be only to follow wetin he DO BUY from DUBAI
Love no be agbo, BETTER LEAVE where dem dey treat you like BITTER LEAF
If he no dey taste like your MANGO, e better to let that MAN GO
Let go and use your power on another MAN as a WOMAN; the superpower to WOO MAN
The more the money, the sweeter the love and better the respect
Sweet to say a GOOD MORNING with GOOD MONEY; a sort of happiness to BANK on
But Not all that GLITTER is GOLD; laslas my lady, the GUITAR melody fit TOO COLD
Money is not EVERYTHING; Love, respect and commitment is the EVER REAL THING

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