HELPED BY GOD - HEB 13: 6; inspired by scriptures

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God helps my life by using SCRIPTURES; I no know who dey SCRIPT YOURS
I got my STORY and I no COVET YOURS; give God GLORY - don't be COVETOUS
Forget these social MEDIA CONTENT; God's taking ME THERE and I am CONTENT
My book of ACTS no be DRAMA; so when ACTORS dey CAST, I no join for the TRAUMA
#gospel_poetry_spoken_word_lyrics #gospel_spoken_word_poetry #life_related_reality #poetic_gospel #gospel_poems #great_gospel_verses #poetry_in_literature

lady learning from Jesus at a bible study

HELPED BY GOD - HEB 13: 6; inspired by scriptures - gospel poems,poetic gospel,poetry,
Life be like the GOOD and the BAD, with satan trying to make you the UGLY
Devil got an ARROW for each BOW; But God shields you with the RAINBOW
Life be like BLACK and WHITE; Christ adds the COLOUR no RIOT needed
I'm talking COAT of MANY COLOURS; now, gods in QUOTE is what MANY CALL US
FORGET the bad to FORE GET the good And keep LIVING WELL in Christ our LIVING WELL
God through his WORD is our HELPER; this WORLD needs help and God wants us to HELP HER
Don't just follow Christ like TWITTER but use the share button and let others know WHAT'S UP
Till the devil is SWELL PISSED that God is WELL PLEASED without you being POLICED
Reaching the RIGHTEOUS through the LEFT CHORES; to WRITE YOURS through RIGHT CHORES
E get where strong men of the WORD of GOD go chop MEAT and chew the BONE REACH
E go push the WORLD of GOURD to wan MEET instead of to BONE these spiritually RICH
I no dey follow person get BAD BLOOD; Christ's blood in my VEIN no dey flow in VAIN
No be sey na my FAITH FOLLOW WELL, if no be mercy, my FATE FOR LOW for the WELL
As long as God no fit FORSAKE ME, life no fit use FORCE ACHE ME
Even if na Nigerian HELL PAR with me, I got God as the HELPER with me
FASHIONED after Christ's IMAGE, who GOES the BOSS with HIM AGE like METHUSELAH
wey wan turn am to HUGO BOSS FASHION; when God promises no go let ME TO SEE Ẹ̀LÁ
When the Lord is your HELPER, he makes even all your HELL KPAI
He's the God called ELSHADAI; From his name, you confirm the HELL SHALL DIE
*Ẹ̀LÁ - prank (yoruba)
*KPAI - die (pidgen)
#gospel_poetry_spoken_word_lyrics #gospel_spoken_word_poetry #life_related_reality #poetic_gospel #gospel_poems #great_gospel_verses #poetry_in_literature

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