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Dem dey GHOST you like sey the LOVE don DIE, turn you to the HOST of colour TIE and DIE

You still CALM like ELYON dey look the CAMELION blending in to fit the ROLE PLAY of OPAY

Dem treat you like A LOAN but you no wan leave dem ALONE; must PALMpay SLAP your LIVING FACE? 

Being treated like an OPTION with on-purpose UP SHUNS shoud trigger the LEAVING PHASE


#life_related_poems #life_related poetry #poetry_and_politics #politics_and_poem #poetry_in_literature

18 year old boy and 18 year old girl both break up, boy wearing t-shirt with name "J" written on it and a sweater on top, both standing with girl backing the boy, boy crying and girl sad, break-up decoration, break red heart, boy holding red break - heart balloon with sad emoji in 3d, Both are standing in the rain, girl wearing red dress, 3d picture, moon, stars

THE LEAVING PHASE - wrong relationships,relationship zone,poetry,love poems,



Nothing hurts more than being dissapointed by who you thought would never HURT you

Sometimes it's not people who change but the mask that falls off while deceiving the HOT you

Sometimes you play the role of the fool to fool the fool who thinks they FOOL you

But act knowing difference between giving up, and when you have had enough to the FULL you 


Never leave a true relationship for a few faults for nobody is perfect from REFLECTION

And in the end, affection is always better than perfection when the wrong yields to CORRECTION

But if you're giving your all to someone and it's not enough, you're giving it to the wrong PERSON

You will lose yourself trying to hold on to someone who doesn't care about losing you PER SCENE


Don't end up a MISERABLE PIECE just to prove BEING a LOYAL BITCH

PREACH to your RABBLE PEACE of mind to PITCH into the ROYAL BEACH 

Don't be the QUEEN in TEARS; no place to CO-WIN in TARES

We sometimes LEAVE the HALLOW GLAM not to LIVE in the HOLOGRAM


Don't let your loyalty become slavery when bravery is to pull off the SLIPPING SLIPPERS 

Sometimes you have to give up on people; not that you don't care but coz they don't, like deep SLEEPERS

Your life becomes better when you realize it is better to be alone than treated like A LOAN 

Or chasing people who don't really care about you but themselves ALONE


A tongue has no bone but can break a heart; LEAVING you SHATTERED than LIVING CHARTERED

It's not always about the words; sometimes its about the silence than the CHATTER

No response is a response and is a powerful one; more like a TRADE that BATTERS

Words may sting, but silence is what breaks the heart with massive weights that MATTER


Don't allow loneliness drive you into the arms of someone you know you don't belong WITH

Nor cling to a mistake because you spent a lot of time making it only to face the HEAT

Forgiving is not forgetting but simply remembering without anger's ripping TEETH

So PISS OFF anger and get your PEACE ON; fit in the puzzle PIECE to chop life like PEAS


#life_related_poems #life_related poetry #poetry_and_politics #politics_and_poem #poetry_in_literature 

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  1. You're full of wisdom 😊, nice one boss

    1. You are not only just beautiful but also full of beautiful words.

    2. You just keep on brushing these beautiful WORDS with your WISDOM BRUSH on those you meet, and soon enough, the WORLD will be a more beautiful, bright and shiny place