CORRUPTION - Should have been sixty pots But its turned six tea pots - kleezypen

Before I count to three, It blazes in the country;

This just is The basis of injustice
'twill have been just ease, If the ruler was Justice;
But corruption's the caption, And justice, the cap shunned

hand holding another hand that's holding money
CORRUPTION - Should have been sixty pots  But its turned six tea pots - kleezypen

The art of hypocrisy In the act of democracy,
Painting corruption As a core option
Government of the people Making the nation a pee pool,
And we're forced to swim in emotions Of stagnant emulsions
Government by the people Trying to buy the people;
Government for the people Trying to fall the people
Should have been sixty pots But its turned six tea pots;
Even the blind man sees The suffering of the masses
A driving cab age Full of cabbage,
Like a destined nation For a wrong destination
In this angered valley, The loving Val's ill;
Not easy to heal This way up the hill
Awaiting the cease Of this decease
Has turned the joke Of an unbroken yoke
Oh corruption! Now rooted to foundation;
The bullet that shoots The nation's up-shoots
See the sleeping dogs bark As this pathetic aching back,
Hopes for a pat; Yet, things fall apart
The canker-worm Posing to keep the leaf warm,
Effecting a faded grin, When the land's no more green.

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