POLITRICKS - Compact shun without compassion; too broke to pay attention - kleezypen.com

It's called politics so you need to pull it thick,
Some pull out when it's thick while others pull out the ticks,
Lies in the air like lice in the hair;
They turn a polling unit to appalling units
handcuffs and money
POLITRICKS - Compact shun without compassion; too broke to pay attention - kleezypen.com
Too broke to pay attention, and so they play attention;
Leaders turn masses to ladders through the core option of corruption,
Dying transparency without leaving conspiracy;
Behind magnetic masks in a bid to look attractive
Metallic jingles tingling fear as masses wiggle under weighs that jiggle;
The masses wait to be rid of their weighty masses;
Tangled to an angle with bangles that dangle,
By Democracy surviving crazy demons
The mono and the poly; yes! The poly with some trick,
Monopoly; poly tricks; time ticks; poly-thick,
Boo Harry off or not; Patience is married to good luck,
So, to enjoy good luck, you must understand patience
We thrust them forth in trust hoping that they heal the rust,
Then they change like ABC and begin to Pee The Pee;
Peel the pea called people and drown them in a pee-pool,
They spell out democracy to spare themselves yet spear the people
They see themselves higher; not the same with those they hire;
Reserve peanuts for lowers whom they call followers,
They rig minds with deceit; rig elections for the seat,
The lies stand higher; seems to make truth fall lower
And so by default, workers turn super-strikers;
Either Government waves the fault or they just play defenders,
Now, who should hold the forte as number one goal keeper
Despite the fort of Justice; this game turns out dirty

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2) Ensure it's a poetry depicting politics
3) Ensure it's not more than 7 stanzas, and each stanza should not be more than four lines
4) Entry starts on 15/08/2018 and ends 22/08/2018
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Samkleezy - Host
Damilola A Odunukan - Nigerian Institute Of Journalism (NIJ)
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  1. Politricks not Politics by SamAyo

    Politics is the game, Politricks the reality
    Playing us like a game while we live in the reality
    Looking forward they drove us backwards
    Taking us from championship to relegation

    Cracking us up with parliamentary jokes
    With hot tears we cry at the jokes
    No questions asked, no probe
    We are lost in the depression of the impression we now make

    People's resources squandered
    Citizens sweat embezzled
    Taxpayers fund misappropriated
    Every years budget over calculated

    Despite all spite, they drain our funds keeping it in their drain.
    We are banned from keeping excess while their barns are full with excesses.
    Cash in tanks, hiding even in their sewage
    No digital hideout even in this new age

    We work for them to earn our living
    We enjoy their products for our feeding Paying them back the little earnings we have been given
    Feeding us to feed them again

    Apes ruling over man
    They have set man's life to second place
    Their cattle now transcends us
    Slaughtering men to save their cattle

    National youths paid meagre rewards
    Cash squandered daily by their sons now given to youth for a month
    Educational poverty persist
    What will be done lest this disease persist?

  2. We will Thrive by Ernest Agbonlahor

    Deliver the share spoils of National cake.
    The voters solds us their votes.
    Now their promise we can't deliver.
    The process: trade by barter, give and take.

    Install the election rigger .
    Our Democracy cannot deliver.
    For the dividends we wait forever
    Oh! insatiable greed in the "Agbada".

    Token from of pool of wealth for voters.
    The future leaders aide our greed.
    They assume the future leaders insane.
    The process can't be sane

    Victory swallowed in greed
    Victory resides with the highest bider.
    We await the Messiah!
    The future will overcome it's greed.

    Yet in our agony we will thrive
    Though our democracy squandered in greed.
    Our hope like the rising sun we thrive.
    In one accord we will drive our every greed.

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