SAPA NO FIT CATCH ME - friday freestyles

 No dey form Husseine BOLT for me; my speed sef na NUTS

BABA don run things teytey before I start to run

SAPA sef pursue me sotey e no fit catch me

That's why as I dey run, I no fit run out of money



This one loud; BABA na you get the SHOUT OUT

You power me - no be NEPA; no room for LIGHT OUT

Sey you dey FRONT for me; lailai, I no dey BACK OUT

Anytime I call on you, help go always FALL OUT


Life do GRAGA for ME but e no fit stop my GRAMMY

Life thinks I'm ALL SCARS but no fit thief my OSCARS

Just A WORD  from ABBA FATHER secures all the AWARDS

I no depend on RIGGI-RIGGI but on OYIGIYIGI



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