Baba God, Prayer is a master key; so this my prayer na the KOKO
I know sey you dey my back KAKARAKA and you love me KOROKORO 
No let dem fall MAN GO like MANGO tree; I wanna stand strong like an IROKO
Standing out tall without high heels like the Most High;  on your shoulders - my OGOLOGO
female art - woman kneeling and praying with passion
Dem making ENQUIRIES with COWRIES to measure my Blessings CALORIES 
But their god turn deaf and DUMB sey God stamp my matter with him THUMB 
Because Jesus the GROOM wey BEFRIEND me don dey DEFEND me
God embarrass my enemies' CONTEMPT when dem wan CORN and TEMPT me
Dem wan chop me like Golden MORN make my loved ones for dey MOURN
But I'm in holy GHOST mode - their Ojuju eyes no dey see me
AS SIGNED by God's word, enemies ASSIGNED against me scatter
Make dem no SCAR ALTER of prayer; na Oluwa make dem SCATTER 
Make divine PROMO no SHUN me - when time reach for double PROMOTION;
The WISHES from WITCHES COUNCIL; na all of dem God CANCEL
Holyghost hot MOGBÓNA; can't draw me back like OGBONA
Their KÁÚN no SELL put for the okro; turned out  like Ahithophel's COUNSEL

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