RISE AND SHINE - Isaiah 60:1 (inspired by scriptures)

No be "Arise O Compatriots" dey make me dey rise and SHINE
Prophets of BAAL wey dey challenge,fire don burn dem inside SHRINE
If na by only wetin I CAN DO; I for no fit shine like CANDLE
Na God break the ICE, dot the Is and open my EYES; Jehova COMMANDO
chief corner spicey stone
Na God GLORY dey WRITE my STORY; He's building me RIGHT in STOREYS
PICKS out LICE from my HAIR and KICKS out LIES from my AIR
The EARTH IS ALERT when the AIR TELLS of how You filled my EMPTY EARNS with GLOW
Now I breathe FREE AIR TIME per SECONDS and I give God all CREDITS
Life called me a NOBODY until Christ made me SOMEBODY
So Even if BOUNCER wey wan BODY me na YOKOZUNA, I no still gree for ANYBODY
Jesus the SON has RISEN with an EVER REAL BODY
Brighter than the SUN and the REASON Grace reach EVERYBODY
Ojuju CALABAR wey enemy hire to wahala me don RESIGN
Na the blanc cheque Adam and Eve spoil Jesus use blood take help me RESIGN
No be sey I dey FORM but Sey Jesus SIGN my BANK FORM is the REAL SIGN
In life's triangle GRACE (God's-Riches-At-Christ's-Expense) is the RIGHT ANGLE, not the REEL SINE

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