It sometimes hurts when the energy you give isn't reciprocated
Sometimes you become the bad person wen you reciprocate that same energy from another
Your best friend fit get another best friend who is not your best friend
BAE wey no gree give you ATTENTION fit get another BAE wey you sef don give A TENTH SHUN
A man living his life just to survive
A world where your joy gives people problem and your problem gives them joy
Where Rumours make you DISLIKE the innocent and DISS LIKE the hypocrites behind the scenes
Even if life wear BALENCIAGA shoes, e no go still BALANCE
Which cream this life fit use cream sef; wey go make life FAIR
Where couples correct with a strike what can be taught with a kiss
A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries.
If you marry a monkey for his wealth, the money goes and the monkey remains as is
The husband may be the HEAD of the home but the wife is the HEART of the home
A world where kids refuse a wing to the parent that gave them a full chicken
Where the one who dug the well is refused water by his country
Where people look for themselves in the world without knowing the world inside of them
What you help a child LEARN is more important than what you help them to EARN
A world where who wan chop MEAT see COW wey he dey BEEF, and begin call am BROS
Where an emotional being is glad to be called SOUL TIE while literally getting it's SOUL TIED And deceived like a cow that's  AMMATURE to be slaughtered in an ABBATOIRE
You don't test the depth of the river with both feet; look before you leap make you no start to limp.

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