God's GRACE don make my REALM HIT sotey life sef don dey REMIT pass REMITA
The way God CURRENT take dey bless my PALM with PAY don even shock PALM PAY
God mount my PALM with THRILL sotey me mount strong pass PALM TREE
I BALL pass BOLA sotey I score more MONEY POINTS than MONIE POINT

Jesus hand lifting somebody's hand
No be only WEALTH baba take dey WET my GROUND, he baptized me in the pool of HEALTH
I no be GLO but I dey GLOW with pride; Jehova BE OGA, that's why I BUGA
Me wey be dey OWE PAY wey no fit PAY OH; now don dey HOLD PAY pass OPAY
No be sey I dey CRAZE, na our God I dey PRAISE for THIS GRACE wey kpai DISGRACE
Like from ZERO to HERO, The BLISTER gone, I'm now a BLISS STAR
I no need any HEROINE for HIRE to get this HERO IN to realms HIGHER
Me wey be dey shame to LIFT HEAD; God's grace got me LIFTED
Now we getting HIGH without HEROIN; na the work of the MOST HIGH

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