JUNGLE JUSTICE - faulted law system; part seven (07)


Caught in the art and handed to the police,
The drama's script's not cool since the villian gets released,
Should have been punished by law to get him retired,
He isn't fired, so refires to be recaught in the art

hands, man, open handcuffs
JUNGLE JUSTICE - faulted law system; part seven (07)

Despite low class offenders and the petty thieves,
The angry brutal mob's action is never creative,
The more the low class is killed, the more we create thieves,
Yeah! Celebrated thieves feeding on the national cake

A double-edged sword just for the desperate common man,
Corruption's the immunity for the high ranked in community,
Political criminals allowed to go scot free,
A system playing deaf ear to the masses plea

Killed on the streets with no chance to fair trial,
Everyone has got his side to the untold story,
The natural justice principle; the right to a fair hearing,
Justice is slow to act; Jungle justice runs the scene

The faulted law system in a pool of corruption,
Makes jungle justice now seem a core option,
Jungle justice sees corruption through the eye of vengeance
Which is the scissors which makes this pain cease us

Government of the people drowning us in a pee pool,
Government by the people trying to buy the people,
Government for the people trying to fall the people,
When it comes to justice, no one should be immune.


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