JUNGLE JUSTICE - when friends become killers; part six (06)



A scene that snaps shut the sane calm era,
Insane motion and some are caught smiling the cheese,
The emotional heart cut; similes that freeze in hurt,
The partakers should be educated about its jinx

Mob Justice
JUNGLE JUSTICE - when friends become killers; part six (06)

A thousand, five hundred naira missing from a bar that morning,
Emmanuel was a teen who stole the sum of money,
His dad goes mental while his mum is yet mourning,
Burnt alive by shittu who runs the bar where his dad works

The bike man I'll tag ''transporter'' was with the jungle disease,
Which caused Ikechukwu Anigbo to become deceased,
The shout, ''thief'' attracted the mob that flowed like the seas,
Asking for ten naira change was the crime that got him burnt

A scene in Omu-Aran; wahala right in Kwara,
Sola Akangbe was a hustler on the street,
This wheelbarrow pusher's sin was stealing from roadside beggars;
Murdered by his father who burnt him alive

This community in Ajara area wasn't far from his family home,
Ifechukwude Nwainokpor and Kazeem his friend,
Killed in Badagry 'cos their faces looked strange in that area,
This one bad, I gree; some police were there watching.



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