JUNGLE JUSTICE - the hypocrisy and double standards; part four (04)



Married women stripped and tortured in lagos for stealing pepper,
Chidiebere Edeh killed in Enugu by Waste Management Agency,
A man burnt to death for stealing a bike right in Abia;
Not punchlines to be lined up in the Punch News Paper

JUNGLE JUSTICE - the hypocrisy and double standards; part four (04)

I rather go for Mr. Bones cracking ribs in dens of laughter
And not those fighting to the bone to crack skulls in scores,
''Scores to settle'' is what they call it, Barbarians of the jungle;
With tyres and petrol, they kill the poor but praise the corrupt

After all the farming, the corrupt show us famine,
Now this weightless mass needs salvation from starvation,
He isn't right to be wrong in the choice he feels is left
But it's worse when stone cold fellows bash his skull with stones of death

National cake for all in the belly of one man,
This in dough means the mass turns hungry man,
Sixty pots for the masses turn six tea pots for the corrupt,
This political indomie never inspires Belle full

The corrupt Nigerian walks freely on the streets,
Adds more weights on masses yet is praised on his arrival,
The motto on his motor; loot in boots, shoot the rival,
Yet he's seen as mini-god for his sin is yet unseen

The poor hustler called suspect is killed by death's prefects,
He is the street fighter that dies on the street,
Got his roots from the streets that uproot him from the streets,
Persecuted by the corrupt; executed by the streets.



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